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General surgery

General surgery

For all patients with suspected surgical diseases, MEDICA Istanbul – Tetovo offers consultations with a surgeon who can help confirm or remove doubts of said surgical disease. Using our advanced medical facilities, and our diagnostic capabilities, together, we can come up with the proper and timely diagnosis and treatment.Patients that were diagnosed with surgical diseases during the special diagnostics procedure are given the option of elective surgery. The elective surgery is conducted using: laparoscopy, endoscopy, and arthroscopy. For all patients where the condition allows it, we conduct safe surgical interventions using local or total anesthesia. The aforementioned surgical interventions have a short period of hospitalization.
In our department we also engage in taking care of, and controlling the pain suffered by patients in post-hospital healing, after completed surgical interventions, as well as inoperable patients.
Also, if a larger surgical intervention is planned, our department is capable of offering preparation for the patients.


We offer the following medical services within the polyclinic:


- Wound treatment, bandaging using contemporary materials, suture, excision and debridement of wounds, and taking out stitching;

- Removal of a foreign body, extirpation of dermal, epidermal, subcutaneous tumors, removal of lipomas, atheromas, hygromas etc;

- Breast tumorectomy with prior complete diagnostics starting at breast ECHOs, mammography, MRI scans, punctual biopsy, and histopathological analysis;

- Puncture, incision, drainage of abscesses, treatment of furuncle, carbuncle, phlagmon, panaritium, hematoma, sinus pilonidalis;

- Full, or partial extirpation of a nail;

- Nevus excision; correction and excision of scars;

- Taxis-reposition of an incarcerated hernia;

- Phimosis and paraphimosis treatment;

- Amputations of fingers and toes;

- Suture of extensor tendons of feet and palms;


МЕDICA Istanbul is preparing to start conducting larger surgical interventions using new operational techniques.

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