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Our main focus is on professional and fast service that is based on modern medical views, the latest technology and a modern working concept.

We offer the most sophisticated approach to prevention and treatment of many diseases of the eye and auxiliary optic apparatus.

Here you will find a solution to many optic diseases, such as diseases of the eye surface and lacrimal apparatus, diagnosis and treatment of intraocular pressure, monitoring and treatment of many diseases of the retina, as well as determining and prescribing the appropriate glasses and contact lenses for adults and children.
Ophthalmic diagnostics is done in modernly equipped offices and a cabinet for functional diagnostics.

The ophthalmic clinic is equipped with a spalt lamp, an automated kerato-refractometer (for computerized measuring of diopter) and non-contact air puff tonometar (for precise and quick determination of intraocular pressure).

We offer latest ophthalmic equipment such as:

Optical biometrics and topography for selection of the correct intraocular lens in cataract removal surgery, which is performed in a short time with high precision.

Ultrasound pachymeter that accurately measures the thickness of the cornea in various pathological conditions

Computerized visual field for the diagnosis and monitoring of glaucoma (increased eye pressure), some diseases of the retina and neurological diseases.

FFA with a fundus camera to capture the posterior segment and vascular system of the eye.

FAF (fundus auto-fluorescence) for the most precise monitoring of changes in dry macular degeneration. We have the most sophisticated apparatus for FAF recording that combined with OCT imaging provides a complete insight into the condition of the macula. It is painless and contactless diagnostic method which requires a small amount of time.

We have the latest generation of OCT apparatus, which is a non-invasive, revolutionary non-contact laser diagnostics system. It provides an extremely precise representation of the internal layers of the eye through cross sections with a resolution of 10 microns. It is used for early diagnosis of glaucoma, diseases of the clear vision point, and vitreoretinal disorders.

Ophthalmological surgery is performed using modern ophthalmic slit lamp and microsurgical instruments. Our operating room is consistent with modern medical regulations, and includes pre-operative preparation and a daily hospital.

In the surgical removal of cataracts we use the most sophisticated phaco instrument, with a section cut of less than 3mm, and an installation of modern soft lenses (standard, multifocal, aspherical, toric); it is also one of the most common interventions.
Here we apply several techniques in glaucoma surgery, according to the latest recommendations.
Vitreoretinal surgery – surgery of complex ablations, diabetes, and eye injuries. We apply anti-VEGF therapy to treat wet macular degeneration and other retinal diseases.
For daily surgery we offer a room for minor surgical interventions like eyelid surgery and lacrimal pathways (styes, changes of the lids, surgical repair of damaged lids, probing of lacrimal ducts, as well as repairing benign and malignant changes of the eyelids)
Laser interventions are performed in a professional laser-cabinet
YAG laser for the anterior segment of the eye (in glaucoma, secondary cataract, and some post-operative complications)

Also, we have offices for internal medicine and pediatrics – modernly equipped rooms where the patient gets pre-operative preparation, in cooperation with the spec. internist or spec. pediatrician.
We hope to justify your trust.

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