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Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine

With great pride and professionalism, and with the most modern equipment for performing complete diagnostics, MEDICA Istanbul in Tetovo, with specialized internal practice offers fast medical diagnostic examinations and prescribed therapy on the basis of complete internal medical examination.
The internal medicine is a medical field that deals with prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases by the adult population and it is one of the most basic medical fields. The internal physicians are qualified to deal with patients that are suffering from undefined or multi systematic medical condition or illness. The internal physicians are taking care of hospitalized or ambulanced patients which are seriously ill and require complex medical examinations. Due to the fact that there are often different symptoms that may lead to various medical treatments, the colleagues from other medical specialties consult with the internal physicians during specific and complex medical conditions and cases in order to the improve the health of the patients in general.
Consult with us and resolve any minor possible health issues, like for example increased temperature, headache, dizziness, long-lasting coughs, probleems with food digestion, high blood pressure, swelling etc. Apart from that, you can perform the following examinations:

·Internal medical examination, gastroenterological, endocrinological and neurological examination withdetailed conversation and clinical examination, which can be extended with laboratory investigations, depending of the indications, of the blood and urine, ultrasound and urinary system examination, microbiological examination
(urine culture and smear tests).

·Ultrasound (Echo) diagnostics of the abdominal organs, pancreas, abdominal aorta, liver, gall bladder, biliary, spleens, kidneys, bladder and prostate.
·Electrocardiogram (ECG).
·24 h Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring.
·24 h Continuous ECG Monitoring.
·Diagnostics and interventional endoscopy (with or without anesthesia), including gastroscopy, rectal sigmoidoscopy, colonoscopy and ligation of hemorrhoids, anal fissures.
·Echo sonography of thyroid gland, its morphology and structure, size, blood supply, determination of thyroid hormones FT4 and TSH, FT3, as well as fast and efficient diagnosis and treatment.
·Complete laboratory examination services with state of the art medical equipment and high level of precision with obtaining the results.
·Therapy treatment depending on the examination results (parenteral, inhalation etc.).

 Visit us in the most modern and newly built hospital MEDICA Istanbul ​in Tetovo and you will be welcomed by professional, kind and humane medical team.

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