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Urology is the surgical branch that deals with the urogenital system:kidney,suprarenal, retroperitoneum, urological drainage systems, bladder, prostate (BPH) and external male genitalia (penis, scrotum). All diseases of the urogenital system, and there are many, can be diagnosed and treated at MEDICA Istanbul. The most common diseases include kidney stones, tumoxrs (kidney, bladder, prostate, testicles, etc.), and of course inflammation. Among the most frequent diseases in urology are prostate diseases:

- Inflammation

- Prostate cancer


MEDICA Istanbul offers the most sophisticated diagnostic methods:


- Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

- Computerized tomography (CT)

- PET - CT

- Ultrasonography

- Laboratory

- Cystoscopy with a flexible cystoscope (a painless and non-traumatic method)

- Urofluorometry


The diagnoses of prostate cancer, as well as the prostate biopsy, are made using a rectal ultrasound probe, taking at least 10 samples. Bladder tumors are also common diseases where an exact diagnosis is made using a flexible cystoscope. The treatments of these tumors, as well as the elderly prostate treatment are endoscopic.
Stones in the urinary tract are one of the most common diseases in the Balkan region.


Within the diagnostics we use:

- Native X-rays

- I.V.U. –Ultrasound, CT and others.


The treatment is exclusively endoscopic because MEDICA Istanbul offers a flexible ureteronephroscope which uses lasers for breaking up stones in any part of the kidney, bladder and urological pipes.

Male infertility and erectile dysfunction are diagnosed and treated using the most sophisticated diagnostic methods (Doppler, etc.).

All of the aforementioned diagnostics and therapies, as well as consultations and second opinions, are offered at MEDICA Istanbul by Prof. Dr. Vladimir Georgiev.


Prof. D-r Vladimir Georgiev

Prof. D-r Vladimir Georgiev

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D-r Aleksandar Nechev

D-r Aleksandar Nechev

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