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Description of the Pediatric department

  The pediatric department offers medical services for the young population aged between 0-18. We offer complete professional care, including examinations, diagnostics and treatment of neonates, infants, toddlers, children and adolescents. The range of services includes examination of patients, diagnosing with the best equipment and treatment. We take complete care for the young patients, including those with common pediatric pathology (respiratory diseases, infections, anemia) and the uncommon diseases and conditions, congenital and inherited diseases, development disorders etc. We also pay special attention to the support and the counseling of parents regarding prevention measures for infant/children’s health.
Our pediatric team, with its caring, analytical and individual approach is always here for you and your child and will answer to any question you have. The modern, yet subtle approach in communication with parents and children provides positive experience and permanent link of trust between the medical stuff, children and parents.

What is our difference from others?

Modern approach to neonatal/infant care - An important part of our services is the early pediatric follow-up of growth and development of the baby. Our services start right after the hospital discharge of the new mom and the baby, providing newborn examinations and support of the parents/family. The up-to-date breastfeeding support, feeding advices, the follow-up of the growth and development and the open and honest communication with the parents is what makes us different from other providers.

Expert approach to breastfeeding and infant feeding-
Our pediatric team will help you to properly start the early breastfeeding and to maintain it as long as you and your baby enjoy it. Together we will overcome the common breastfeeding obstacles and will enable the baby to grow healthy with everything that is good for him. And for the mothers that did not choose the breastfeeding, we will provide advices and information for proper feeding from day one. After the age of 4-6 months, our team will guide you and your baby through the whole process of introduction of complementary feeding (meals). Together with the parents, we will provide good foundation for proper feeding habits and healthy growth, at the same time reducing the risk for obesity and malnutrition.

Screening, diagnosis and follow-up of congenital and inherited diseases-
The specialized stuff from the Pediatric department offers counseling, screening examinations and diagnostic procedures to detect rare diseases, congenital and inherited diseases, uncommon facial features and syndromes. In case of family inherited disease burden or some suspicion, we are offering counseling and diagnostic tools to estimate the risk.

Follow-up of premature infants and children-Our team is continuously working with parents of premature infants. These children need more caring, advanced approach to achieve their full potential. They need growth and development follow-up system, screening procedures, parent support and education, especially during the first three years of their lives. It will be our pleasure to provide these services in our hospital.

Follow-up of speech, communication and attention in toddlers and children-During the early childhood, the physical and psychological development of the child, the speech, the social interaction, the communication and the attention, it’s all in our focus. We are proud of our team’s serious approach towards this matter, the clinical experience and the parent support that is offered. The support we give to parents allows the proper care of the child, fosters learning and sets a framework for development of healthy child and individual.

Height and weight follow-up of children and treatment of obesity-Our pediatric team provides continuous supervision of the height and weight of all our patients. Child’s height is a topic interesting for parents always questioning if their child is going to grow his/her potential. With continuous supervision of growth, advices to both parents and children, healthy diet and exercise we will provide the best possible chance for healthy development and prevention of obesity. Our team will treat every child with obesity in a manner that does not cause stress, disgrace or psychologic burden to the child or the parents.

Check-up examinations-Our team from the pediatric department provides check-up examinations for your child before starting kindergarten or school. We also provide check-up examinations for children starting with regular physical activity (football, swimming, tennis etc.). During these examinations we will point out the challenges, most common difficulties and risks as well as their prevention.


D-r Dali Lala

D-r Dali Lala

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