Medica Istanbul
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Who we are?

Premium healthcare, enhanced to the level of art

We present you the newest polyclinic for medicine in Macedonia, MEDICA Istanbul Tetovo, which is becoming  synonym for accurate diagnosis and perfect medical care.

 Perfect Health Conditions

MEDICA Istanbul is a modern medical center with an area of 2000 m2 and meets the highest world standards for this type facilities. The polyclinic comprises 13 departments in which our patients can obtain diagnostic procedures and solutions.
The highly qualified and educated staff from Medica Istanbul Tetovo will take care of  your health, and the knowledge of whom, as well as the top expertise are available at any time.

Additional diagnostic services

-Digital mammography
-Digital X-ray
-Diagnostic biochemical laboratory
-Endoscopy, Colposcopy
-Check up services
Department of Pharmacy – pharmacist consultation and selection of medical products recommended by your doctor, as well as many pharmaceutical products in addition to the therapy, everything which is essential for improving your health!

Recognizable by rapid and precise diagnostics

MEDICA Istanbul Tetovo is equipped with PET CT and MRI diagnostic equipment, essential for proper diagnostics and evaluation of the effects of cancer treatment. The results from the PET CT are prepared and analyzed in collaboration with Medica in Istanbul, while the advanced 1,5 Tesla Magnetic Resonance device allows even more detailed and precise detection of diseases.

Our team – always here for you.

Our team of experts will try to find the best answers to your questions at any time and will keep you informed about the most current topics related to your health.

Why MEDICA Istanbul?

MEDICA Istanbul Tetovo is a part of the diagnostic hospital Medica Istanbul - Turkey, which has extensive experience in facilitating the screening and diagnosis of coronary heart disease, cancer and a variety of other features, taking advantage of the latest technology in medicine. Besides providing medical services, MEDICA hosts a variety of artistic events.
The key to success of MEDICA Istanbul Turkey lies in the highly skilled medical staff with extensive experience throughout Turkey and the world. This is due to the well-known experts in the field of radiology, nuclear medicine, allergology, endocrinology, neurology, pediatrics, hematology and others.

Full medical service

Full medical service oriented towards our patients’ satisfaction. MEDICA Istanbul Tetovo, allows patients detailed information by the doctor, nurses and informers for their professional branches. After the treatment, the every patient is asked about the quality of the service. Also, MEDICA Istanbul Tetovo allows transport and accommodation for patients who come from far away and from abroad.

 Technology from world-renowned producers

MEDICA Istanbul Tetovo uses equipment and cutting edge technology from known and proven world brands like Siemens, Magnetom

Comfort and hygiene

In MEDICA Istanbul Tetovo you will change the perception of comfort and hygiene in medical facilities. VIP Suite and the VIP waiting room allow you a maximum comfort and privacy during your stay in MEDICA Istanbul Tetovo.
Our team of hygienists performs daily hygiene monitoring in all areas of the medical center according to international standards and provides constant care for all
visitors of the polyclinic.


For better communication and according to the needs of our patients, MEDICA Istanbul Tetovo provides interpretation services in all languages used in Macedonia and the region.

MEDICA Istanbul History

The medical center MEDICA was founded in May 2001 in a historic building in the settlement Teşvikiye in Istanbul. It took eight months of preparations to fit out the building with such modern diagnostic devices.
The first diagnostic devices in our center were 1.5 Tesla MR, Open MR, Spiral CT, Scintigraphy, Mammography and X-Ray, and Color Doppler Ultrasonography and Bone densitometry (DEXA).
In 2002 the PET device was added as a part of our center too. At that time the Digital System CR was used. After two years the Spiral CT was replaced by 16 Slice CT, while Mammography and X-Ray were replaced by fully digital system. In 2006 it was replaced by the PET CT. In the next three years the 16 Slice CT was replaced by a 64 Slice CT, which in 2011 was replaced by the 256 Slice CT. In the same period our center acquired a 3 Tesla MR device that replaced the previous 1.5 Tesle MR.
Within our center work 6 radiologists, 1 nuclear medicine specialist and 5 radiology technicians. Biochemical and microbiological services are performed through a cooperation agreement with a highly developed laboratory.
Within the MEDICA diagnostic center in the 4 internal and neighboring centers are employed 35 doctors.
Through its mission to integrate all the innovations in the field of medicine, MEDICA is today's leading institution in its segment.
Apart its leadership in the medical field, one of the most important features of MEDICA is participating in fulfillment of life through the merger of art and medicine.
The weekly concerts represent a part of the company tradition, taking into consideration that MEDICA is a supporter of arts and artists. Since its founding MEDICA hosted more than 100 concerts and also opened its doors to the visual arts. With great pride we are delighted to announce that MEDICA also hosted dozens of art exhibitions and has a very important and prominent art collection.
With the same emotions, thoughts and goals, and thanks to my colleagues and the support of my family, in the country where I feel like home- Macedonia, I founded MEDICA ISTANBUL which will have the status of a boutique hospital where a wide variety of diagnostic methods and medical treatments will be conducted aiming to offer One Day Surgery.
Through the hospital established in Tetovo our goal is to offer medical services at the highest and most professional level to all citizens from the region and from neighboring countries. I greet you warmly and thank you.

Dr. Saffet Murat Dinçer

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