Medica Istanbul
Bul. Vidoe Smilevski Bato 1-1/3, Tetovo 24/7 +389 44 344 414

About us

Premium healthcare, enhanced to the level of art

We present you the newest hospital for medicine in Macedonia, MEDICA Istanbul Tetovo, which is becoming  synonym for accurate diagnosis and perfect medical care.

 Perfect Health Conditions

MEDICA Istanbul is a modern medical center with an area of 2000 m2 and meets the highest world standards for this type facilities. The hospital comprises 13 departments in which our patients can obtain diagnostic procedures and solutions.
The highly qualified and educated staff from Medica Istanbul Tetovo will take care of  your health, and the knowledge of whom, as well as the top expertise are available at any time.

Additional diagnostic services

-Digital mammography
-Digital X-ray
-Diagnostic biochemical laboratory
-Endoscopy, Colposcopy
-Check up services
Department of Pharmacy – pharmacist consultation and selection of medical products recommended by your doctor, as well as many pharmaceutical products in addition to the therapy, everything which is essential for improving your health!

Recognizable by rapid and precise diagnostics

MEDICA Istanbul Tetovo is equipped with PET CT and MRI diagnostic equipment, essential for proper diagnostics and evaluation of the effects of cancer treatment. The results from the PET CT are prepared and analyzed in collaboration with Medica in Istanbul, while the advanced 1,5 Tesla Magnetic Resonance device allows even more detailed and precise detection of diseases.

Our team – always here for you.

Our team of experts will try to find the best answers to your questions at any time and will keep you informed about the most current topics related to your health.

Our team – always here for you.

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