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Ambulance and polyclinic services

- Orthopedic examinations of infants, children, youth and adults.
- Screening infants.
- Conservative treatment of congenital anomalies in newborns (Development deformation hip, club foot, curved neck).
- Echo-sonographic examinations of infants, children, youth and adults in the hospital and at home with modern portable echo-sonographic device.
- Bone densitometry (DEXA scan) for examination of bone density (osteoporosis) in children and adult patients with orthopedic, gynecological, dental, endocrinological and other patients at the hospital and at home with a portable densitometer
- X-ray services.
- Laboratory analysis.
- If necessary, a reference to computer tomography and magnetic resonance imaging.
- Intramuscular, intraarticular and other blockades and punctional muscle biopsies, bones and joints.
- Application of PRP method in wound healing arthritic changes, ligament injuries and others.
- Medical gypsum services.
- One-day minor surgical interventions with modern equipped aseptic operating room.
- Modern treatment of muscle pain and joint descent on the principle of one-day minor surgical interventions.
- Noninvasive reposition of fractures.
- Conservative treatment of sports injuries.
- If necessary, referral and organizing consultative examinations from other related medical fields.

Surgical interventions

- Total and subtotal (bipolar) endoprosthesis of joints (hips, knees, etc.), made of modern materials. Non-cement, cement, hybrid by using minimal invasive surgery, minimum hospital stays and maximum postoperative rehabilitation of patients with consequences of congenital deformity, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, intra-articular fractures.
- Revisions of total endoprosthesis
- Surgical treatment of congenital anomalies in children (developmental deformation hip crooked foot, curved neck, etc.).
- Surgical treatment of consequences of cerebral paralysis.
- Surgical treatment of contractures, damage to ligaments, muscles, fractures.
- Surgical treatment of sports injuries.
- Surgical treatment of acquired bone deformities.
- Arthroscopic interventions.
- Removal of osteosynthetic material.
- Operations on hand.
- Surgical treatment of benign and malignant bone tumors.
- Organizing other related surgical multidisciplinary procedures.


Prof. Dr. Gligor Dzolev

Prof. Dr. Gligor Dzolev

Specialized Orthopedist
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Dr. Aleksandra Dimova

Dr. Aleksandra Dimova