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Personal information

Ass.Dr. Biljana Bozinovska

Specialized Radiologist



- 2008–2004, Medical Faculty of “St. Ciril & Methody”, Skopje, Macedonia, Specialization in General Radiology

- 1999–1993, Medical Faculty of “St. Ciril & Methody”, Skopje, Macedonia, Licensed as General Physician

- 1992, Secondary School of “Nikola Karev”, Skopje, Macedonia, Degree in Biotechnology
Post Graduate study in MRI Physics and Development 
of Medical Programs – to be presented

Work experience

- 8 years at Special Hospital for Surgical Diseases FILIP VTORI, Skopje, Macedonia, As Specialized Radiologist
- 5 years at University State Clinic, Radiology Department & Polyclinic and Diagnostic Center NEUROMEDICA, Skopje, Macedonia
- 2 years at Polyclinic and Diagnostic Center NEUROMEDICA, Skopje, Macedonia, as General Physician
- 4 years at Handicap International Development Program, Deputy Country manager

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