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General Practition

The basis of each person's health is the general overview in which all health disorders are detected and adequately treated!
Within the private hospital MEDICA Istanbul Tetovo, is the general medicine office that has concluded a contract with the Health Insurance Fund of Macedonia and works with health books.
The office has:
-Vision and counseling from a specialized and dedicated medical team of general practitioners;
-Official hygienic and spatial services;
-Laboratory within the hospital;
-Receiving recipes and referrals;
-Application of ampoule therapy;
-Modern diagnostic devices (ECG, ECHO, RTG, Computed Tomography, Magnetic Resonance, PET SCEN);
-Daily hospital with monitoring;
-Able for specialist examination by top specialists from different fields (surgery, internal medicine, urology, psychiatry, neurology, orthopedics, rheumatology, ophthalmology);
-The possibility of choosing a dentist and a gynecologist, and for the health of the youngest pediatrician;
-In the hospital there is also a pharmacy available to you for the necessary pharmaceutical preparations;

Your health deserves the treatment that the entire team of doctors from MEDICA Istanbul Tetovo offers!
We expect you!


Dr. Aleksandar Blazhevski

Dr. Aleksandar Blazhevski

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Dr. Tamara Mihajlovska

Dr. Tamara Mihajlovska

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