Medica Istanbul
Bul. Vidoe Smilevski Bato 1-1/3, Tetovo 24/7 +389 44 344 414

Founder Message

As an investor of Medical Institution in Republic of Macedonia, as you here call it PZU, my main goal was to establish a modern medical concept of one day surgery hospital designed as boutique hospital, pleasant place, where standards of medical care will fit patient expectations’.
MEDICA Istanbul is private investment of my family. I decided to extend my private medical care institution from Istanbul, Turkey in Macedonia. To share experience and explore the opportunity of cooperation with local colleagues in order to create a unique model of the Healthcare Institution in your country. While doing this I’m definitely enjoy hospitality of local people and networking with many local and foreign investors in Macedonia.
I’m running the MEDICA in Istanbul almost 16 years as a founder and radiologist. All the experience in developing of medical standards, implementing protocols and medical care for excellence in health we will transfer as knowhow in MEDICA Istanbul in Tetovo.
Under brand of MEDICA Istanbul in Tetovo, two Private health Institutions are organized with total 12 organizational units, providing medical care on primary level for: General practice, Pediatrician, Gynecology&Opstetry and Dentist in the network or working with Found for Health in Republic Macedonia and specialist ordinations on secondary level for Radiology, Orthopedic, Neurology, Urology, General surgery, Internal medicine, diagnostic biochemistry laboratory and Otolaryngology.
To become a synonym of quality it takes a time, dedication and a lot of input from my self eighter emotional or professional.
I’m sure that people can recognize quality persons and doctor. Since my experience is more than 25 years and my motivation is very high I want to provide professional expertize based on motivational personnel working in Medica Instanbul in Tetovo and most state of art equipment. I will mentioned again we are building Boutique Hospital with dedicated medical staff focused of the needs of the patients.


D-r Saffet Murat Dinçer

Founder and Chairman

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