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Description of the Department of Dentistry 

The Department of Dentistry offers the best services with the most sophisticated performance of interventions including fast, effective and highly professional service. The Department of Dentistry provides complete professional care, diagnostic and treatment of all diseases of the oral cavity.
The accurately set diagnosis accompanied with the proper therapy is really important for the protection of the teeth, as for prevention of the possible complications and it is a rule we must never recede from in our practice. According to this, our responsibilities include reviews, diagnostics with the most sophisticated methods and, of course the treatment of the patients.
We pay special attention to the prevention and we give advices for the improvement of the oral health of the people as well as the protection of the oral cavity.
The professionalism of our operation includes the unique design of the Department that gives a complete relaxation to the patient during the dental intervention.

Why are we different from the others

Our team allows sophisticated access in the patients’ care. An important part of the services that our Dentistry Department offers relates primarily to the aesthetic dentistry. Aesthetics in the dentistry requires artistic skills for balance between the illusion and the reality, and its purpose is the perfect look as well as the functionality of the teeth.
This Department tends to reach the highest possible standards of the aesthetic dentistry for the patient’s needs and to achieve the best cosmetic effect. This is where the interest in implantology comes from, and its focus is directed to this field. The use of reconstructive surgery, complemented by the most up-to-date bone substitutes, biomembranes and implants raises the aesthetics to the best desired level. Through the use of zirconium as a modern material, especially in the prosthetic segment, dental implantology has used the achievements from non-metallic ceramics, therefore overcoming the disadvantages from the past and reaching the highest level of aesthetic.
The teeth aesthetics with our sophisticated work techniques, the materials that fully imitate the teeth substances, the teeth laminates and the personal opportunities, provides the “natural look of the teeth” effect.
The difference between us and others is the fact that we offer services in hospital conditions, where we perform surgery interventions under general anesthesia.
All of this will make you feel comfortable and pleasant, thus increasing your confidence because of the achieved results.

We care about your smile !

The choice is yours !


Dr. Ermina Ejupi

Dr. Ermina Ejupi

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