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Biochemistry Laboratory

The modern medicine today cannot be imagined without laboratory diagnostics, which is very important for early detection of diseases and for more successful treatment, monitoring of the disease and cure.

The main activity in MEDICA Istanbul Tetovo is care about the human health. Our modern laboratory is a key factor to accurately and quickly determine the proper diagnosis. For this purpose, thee hospital MEDICA Istanbul applies most modern and sophisticated clinical laboratory tests. With the help of our medical team, we offer complete diagnostics in accordance with the latest international trends and recommendations of the World Health Organization. The medical staff is completely dedicated to quality, high professional level of the provision of medical services and meeting the needs of patients.
We provide medical diagnostic laboratory services in collaboration with a doctor of medicine - specialist in medical biochemistry, graduate engineer in biochemistry and laboratory technician.
All medical services are conducted in a pleasant atmosphere at the laboratory where you will be treated by our professional and courteous medical staff which will fully devote its attention to you and quickly and efficiently will arrange all necessary tests.
Taking blood and urine collection can often be uncomfortable, and a growing number of patients thinks that these procedures are painful. In our hospital, taking a sample is performed by highly professional and trained medical staff. Sample quantities are small and the procedures are minimally invasive and painful. On the basis of sample collection, our team of doctors will have a major relief and aid in making an accurate diagnosis, choosing adequate therapy and better visibility into the current state of health of the patient.
The laboratory of MEDICA Istanbul Tetovo, is performing apart of the standard tests of urine and blood collection, also biochemical tests and examinations. They can also perform examinations and tests of hormones, tumor markers, electrolytes, factors of haemostasis and infectious diseases through blood examinations.
The results are available immediately in our hospital or by electronic means.


D-r Aleksandra Georgievska

D-r Aleksandra Georgievska

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