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Plastic & Aesthetic surgery

Dissatisfaction with his own appearance can contribute to an unpleasant feeling and seriously affect self-esteem, regardless of sex or age.
Aesthetic problems are a source of discomfort and the creation of a complex of their own appearance.
Fortunately, in the Department of Plastic Reconstructive and Esthetic Surgery of the private hospital MEDICA Istanbul Tetovo, all aesthetic problems that create discomfort or influence your self-esteem are solvable.
This department, led by a team of top specialists in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery from Turkey and Macedonia, are here to give you a perfect look. Certainly, the most modern and the most sophisticated apparatus and technology are available, with which all aesthetic interventions are performed. In this department are performed non-surgical and surgical interventions, which can be aesthetic or reconstructive. So, the services we offer are:


-Filler application (with hyaluronic acid);
- Increasing lips;
-Protection of nasolabial and wrinkles at the forehead;
- Application of Botox at the forefront, between and around the eyes, nose;
-PRP facial and hair treatment with serum and activation of GROW FACTOR;
-Mesotherapy of face and hair;


-Rhinoplasty (aesthetic correction of the nose);
- Liposuction;
-Abdominoplasty (removal of excess skin from the stomach);
-Auriculoplasia (aesthetic correction of the ears);
- Butt implants, boot ass;
- Breast implants;
-Transplantation of hair;
- Blepharoplasty (aesthetic correction of the eyelids);


- Removing the nevus (a shank);
- Attachment removal (clogged glandular);
Removal of malignant melanoma;
Removal of Unguis incarnatus;
Removal of Onychomycosis (fungal inflammation of the nail);

In the department of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery of MEDIKA Istanbul Tetovo, all interventions are performed by top specialists in this field, using the most modern methods and apparatus, and the patients are welcomed in incredibly pleasant ambience, always available and recruited staff, a sense of pleasant time the execution of an intervention and a fast and quality service by our professional team of Doctors Specialists. We guarantee you a seamless and healthy look.
With MEDICA Istanbul Tetovo, always beautiful!
Because beauty deserves everyone!


Dr. Iurdakul Ilker Manavbasi

Dr. Iurdakul Ilker Manavbasi

Specialist Plastic & Aesthetic surgery
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